About the Book

I began to write “A Seed of Love” several years ago, during the beginning stages of our adoption, but it wasn’t until after we brought our daughter home, that the passion to share this story exploded. Even before she came home, I searched for children’s books that would help explain what adoption is and why she is so special. Unfortunately, time and time again I came across books that concentrated on the tragedy surrounding adoption and not the joy and beauty in it. I also had a hard time finding books that revealed God’s heart for the orphan and the connection of His adoption of His children. For this reason, I knew I could not hold back the story in my heart any longer. For the sake of my daughter, and other children, I had to get this story out.
As you can now see, “A seed of Love” was inspired by my daughter, whom we adopted from Taiwan. You’ll see as you read the book that we even based the family in this story upon our family. As a mom, I felt the adorable bug characters throughout the book help a child to connect with creation and God and create a fun way to do that. As a believer, it was imperative that I link the Word of God in with this story of adoption because it truly is the heart of God, to care for the widows and the fatherless. I hope that as you read this book to your children, whether they were brought into your family biologically or through adoption, you’ll find a special connection to the story because we were all adopted. And I urge you, if you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please allow the truth of this book to penetrate your heart and bring you to a place of repentance and the decision of salvation. God loves His children and doesn’t wish for any to be lost.